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We mitigate risks by providing financing and cooperative services necessary to construct the following resilient energy projects.

1. Secure Energy
2. Energy Efficiency
3. Renewable Energy
4. Energy Storage

Intenergys will provide financial backing for any of its integrated plug-and-play services. Funding regional energy projects are difficult because of multiple regulations and mission objectives. Some organizations can do the different pieces, but only a few capital investment firms have the ability to finance a program of this magnitude. Achieving this type of cooperation gives you a compelling financial program tailored to the mission versus tailoring the mission to the available financial options.


  • Design of our integrated energy process features 6 important milestones.
    • Discover
      It all begins with taking the time to get to know you. Intenergys will conduct a complete analysis of existing assets and present the cost-benefit of maximizing the latest in energy conservation, followed by energy efficiency, and lastly, by energy demand management assessment. Instead of pushing for one technology over another (advocating wind power over solar etc.), we explore what you expect from existing hardware and natural resources for the purposes of energy savings and identification of alternate power supplies.
    • Strategy
      We find out what makes your community unique, and then we create a plan of action that leverages those strengths. As your general contractor, we lead all planning efforts to obtain permits, procure land, labor, generator components, and any other equipment used to develop, operate, and maintain a power generation facility.
    • Design
      Strategy in hand, our team develops the blueprint. We then present the concept to you so that you have the opportunity to offer additional insight.
    • Build
      We begin when everyone is happy with the design.
    • Validate
      We run the secure microgrid power generation facility through its paces to fill in any gaps that might have been overlooked.
    • Maximize
      Most people would say the job is finished after validation – not Intenergys! Once your facility goes live, we monitor its performance and offer advice and adjustments as the user data rolls in to maximize the reliability of your power supply.
  • Our combined know-how in reliable and efficient electrical system components all along the value chain for critical infrastructure and key resources positions Intenergys as the builder of choice for innovative supply management services and smart grid solutions. Even though each contract is customized to fit the client's unique needs, all contracts have similar benefits.
    • Guaranteed savings of 10 to 40%. Lower project costs thanks to coordinating all project-specific services under the umbrella of a general contractor concept.
    • On-site support and construction supervision by our experienced team of specialists.
    • Rapid turnaround times thanks to facilities, which are precisely tailored to match the circumstances and needs of each particular customer.
    • Increased efficiency due to process optimization inside the facilities and efficient use of customer staffing capacity.
    • Little to no capital cost and no maintenance expense because we provide access to investor financing options that offset the capital costs of emerging energy technology.
    • An incentive program helps customers exchange inefficient but functioning equipment such as lighting, HVAC, chillers, motors, controls, and water heaters with high-efficiency alternatives.

Secure Energy

A country’s transmission grids and pipelines extend over thousands of miles and, in many cases, are quite remote, thus complicating observation and supervision. Outage of an entire regional transmission grid will occur if the damage or destruction of important components of that grid is followed by cascading failure of its interconnected components.

Adaptive islanding is a concept employing fast-acting sensors and controls to isolate parts of the power system. Intenergys software provides models and intelligence that differentiate between failure of a single component and/or serial failures at key nodes. This involves monitoring the energy input and providing sources of backup power wherever it is necessary to eliminate the effects of transient grid disturbances.

Energy Efficiency

Focusing on medium-voltage grid intelligence, our company intends to play a crucial role in new energy development by providing the key building blocks. The Group engineers always seek ways to enable strategic and tactical energy plant operators to provide reliable, reproducible power to their end-user.

To bring value to utility companies and large infrastructures (organizations), Intenergys intelligent data analytics platform delivers real building insights and immediate savings opportunities.

Load response planning (emergency, financial, ancillary services, and peaking alternative) is increasingly recognized as a reliable and cost-effective way to meet system resource needs. All four demand response scenarios provide a broad range of valuable services which will permit a diverse group of customers to participate and allow utility infrastructures and system operators to meet growing demands in a cost-effective and environmentally-responsible way.

Intenergys load response program is designed to meet the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) mission of providing emergency support for “man-made and natural disasters.” This entails the evaluations, recommendations, and installation milestones mentioned above. Our plan maximizes your ability to enroll and earn revenue through the various programs by the ISO’s (International Organization for Standardization) in each area of operation. The equipment selected will be matched to meet the mission required for each location.

Does your key resource have its own water treatment / clean water facility? Water is 10-15% of the electrical draw in medium to large cities. It is one of the most expensive loads. It is a predominantly DC function, which makes it highly desirable for DC mini-grid architecture as it serves the baseload function, which we need to establish for forecasting reasons.

Data analytics that chart critical utility infrastructures identify key resources like the one described above and effortlessly enable disaster preparedness planners, national state and local policymakers, and community building and manufacturing facility owners to work together.

Renewable Energy

While power demands continue to grow, interest in clean, renewable, and affordable energy continues. Maximizing the latest energy use management often includes a hybrid system that capitalizes on renewable energy. These products and services consist of complete geothermal, wind and solar power, and natural gas systems. On- top of all this sit Intenergys patent-pending component monitoring and control system software.

Renewable energy solutions are attractive for the following reasons:

  • Costs are competitive with other forms of power generation.
  • Geothermal solar and wind-generated power produces no air or water emissions, creates no solid waste by-products, and does not deplete natural resources such as coal, oil, or gas.
  • Bio or Natural gas is the lowest-cost energy source, and it is continuous, with CHP providing the option to create hot water and heating solutions as a by-product.
  • Energy businesses that add renewable power to their portfolios help diversify the nation’s energy supply while meeting the community’s electricity preferences.
  • Some states have instituted regulatory initiatives that encourage clean energy production.

Does your infrastructure have natural gas already? If not, there may be a cost-benefit to bring it in. It is currently the lowest-cost energy source, and it is continuous. CHP Generators provide the option to create hot water and heating solutions as a by-product.

Energy Storage

Electrical power generated from any source eventually needs to meet the challenge of storing the excess generated when demand is low for use at an unspecified future point in time. This is a problem with power generated from renewable energy sources such as solar or wind. Put simply, when there is no sun or wind, there is no power available to be generated. To bridge the gap between exploiting power availability at times that cannot be readily predicted and delivering sufficient power at times of demand, Intenergys offers Energy Storage solutions.

To store intermittently available energy produced by sun or wind, Intenergys is capable of tailoring power supply systems to the specific requirements of the electrolysis process. Research and development teams use battery storage to devise more efficient grid or hybrid storage solutions. Some of the most promising developments involve gas extraction and storage via hydrogen electrolysis as an energy storage medium. The vision is to convert excess renewable energy by use of electrolysis to Hydrogen (H2). H2 can then be used in green mobility and long-term energy storage. In a second step, H2 and CO2 can be linked in a chemical process to methane. Methane has some key advantages: It is 100% compatible with natural gas; therefore, you can feed as much as you want methane into the existing gas pipeline and storage infrastructure. Also,the important energy density in W/m³ is 3 times more than pure Hydrogen. Methane can be used for all applications where we find natural gas today: power generation, mobility as well as the chemical industry. Power to Gas has the potential to be a key element on the way to completingthe Green Energy supply chain.