Who We Are

Turning Ideas Into Actions

How to build a more resilient grid is a frequent topic of conversation by disaster preparedness planners, national state and local policymakers, and building and manufacturing facility owners. At Intenergys, we create compelling Secure Energy Solutions that support Warfighters and First Responders in their missions to serve and protect. Our unique Systems of Systems architecture is based on a Public-Private Partnership model, resulting in Resilient Energy Grids that protect critical national assets and key resources.

Intenergys has earned a strong reputation in cyber-security on the grid, and this reputation has transitioned into developing and constructing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy storage solutions. We are a global contractor for implementing industrial power with integrated solutions in the area of power conversion and control.

Products for uninterruptable energy projects are financed, constructed, and then sold by Intenergys (acting as a general contractor) through a power purchase agreement to the infrastructure-related utility. Then acting as a maintenance company, Intenergys provides software management and data analytics, i.e., performance metrics of power generator motors, components, and facilities, while the designated authority provides power services to the end-user.

Intenergys puts intelligence into traditionally passive power substations where high voltages are stepped down to medium voltages as they approach the end-user. We are not a public utility company, yet our smart grids draw their intelligence from bi-directional interaction between the power user and the power supplier. Our distinctive expertise bridges AC and DC power technologies and spans conventional and renewable energy.

Given our experience, Intenergys is uniquely suited to transition critical infrastructures into a hybrid system that integrates your choices of fossil fuel, thermal, wind, and solar power, hydrogen fuel cells, and on-site or local resources with advanced energy storage. As a leading promoter of state-of-the-art technologies for the development, implementation, and maintenance of uninterruptable power – - we:

  • Evaluate the cost-benefit of multiple energy solutions based on natural resources in our customers’ geographic areas.
  • Obtain financing that offsets the capital expense of emerging technologies.
  • Construct the most unbiased and cost-effective (energy efficient) solution.

In addition to the acquisition of resilient critical infrastructures, while making clean energy more fuel-efficient and less expensive, our customers may become wholesale power generators authorized to sell their output to companies and businesses with an interest in clean energy, including utilities, retail electricity providers, power cooperatives, municipal electric providers and large industrial customers.